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How to Change the Battery in a Lexus Key Fob

When you get that low-battery alert for your Lexus key fob, you try to stretch that last bit of battery. However, you start getting a decreased range on the proximity detector and the dimmed LED indicator light too. It may be time to start wondering how to change the battery in your Lexus key fob. Learn about Lexus key battery replacement with the talented team at Shottenkirk Desert Lexus so you can get back on Palm Springs roads with no interruption.



Steps for Lexus Key Battery Replacement

Before the Lexus key battery replacement can happen, a few necessary but simple tools are needed. To open the key fob, a flathead screwdriver will be needed, and a CR2032 lithium battery will work for every model from the Lexus RX to the Lexus IS. If there’s any trouble finding the right Lexus key battery replacement tools, the parts center at Shottenkirk Desert Lexus near Palm Desert can help.

  1. Make sure your hands and workspace are completely dry because allowing moisture in the key fob will cause the new battery to rust.
  2. On the side of the fob, push the release button to remove the mechanical key.
  3. To avoid scratches, you can wrap the tip of the flathead screwdriver in tape. Use the screwdriver to gently pry open the key fob cover.
  4. If there is an electronic key module, remove it. Then use the screwdriver to remove the old battery.
  5. Place the new battery in with the positive (+) side facing up. Place the electronic key module back on.
  6. Press the key fob covers back in place.
  7. Once completed, test your Lexus key fob to make sure it functions. If you have any issues or questions, contact our excellent service team.

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Tips For the Lexus Key Fob Battery

Don’t let your battery interrupt your Indio drives, get the longest lifespan out of your Lexus key fob battery. Try turning on battery-saving mode when it is not in use to prevent draining battery power.

  • Hold down the LOCK button while tapping the UNLOCK button two times.
  • When the electronic indicator flashes four times, that means the key fob is in battery-saving mode now.
  • Press any of the key fob buttons to access push-button start and Smart Access again.
  • Keep your keys in a bowl or on a hook away from other electronics with a magnetic field, like TVs and laptops. This prevents the key from receiving waves and draining prematurely.

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